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Rolling Accessories

Rolling your tobacco yourself is becoming an increasingly popular exercise for smokers, not only is it cheaper than buying cigarettes but is in fact a little safer, given that the additional by-products that become part of the cigarette during production are taken away when you remove the production process. Of course rolling your own can be a little difficult, and while the process takes practice to do it well there is the additional issue of the tobacco, filters, and rolling paper that you have lying around. Things like rolling machines and rolling mats can make the rolling process easier, pokey tools can help you get the shape right and make sure that the tobacco is inside and of course rolling boxes and trays provide you with easier storage and work space for when you are rolling. An additionally useful little item is the cigarette case; which allows you to keep the cigarettes you’ve already carefully rolled in a safe container and carry them around with you, so you don’t have to carry your gear around with you and roll them while you’re out.

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The Cheeky One Metal Cigarette Case is designed specifically to hold cone shaped cigarettes. Ideal
The GR8R Herb Grater is a handy, lightweight accessory. It has a double function too - it holds a pa
Displaying 1 - 2 of 2 Products

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