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Not everyone uses a grinder when smoking, it is used to produce a finer and dryer sift, which generally because it is dryer and easier to pack together can be smoked better and is easier to roll into a cigarette. This is a popular method and grinders are most commonly used for tobacco and herbal mixtures. At Headshop World we offer a whole collection of grinders, from cheaper and more generic two-piece options fine grinding sifter grinders, branded goods such as Cheeky, Head Chef and Red-Eye, and of course novelty grinders which make more interesting options and great gifts. We also supply cleaning fluid for grinders which will prove more effective and easier than washing in warm water alone.  

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Grinder Clean No1. For Grinders 50ml. Spray a small amount onto the surface, let soak for a while, t
Displaying 1 - 1 of 1 Products

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