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There are of course items that you may need or may become convenient to you, or even might make good gifts, that aren’t easily categorized; you can find such products here. There are a number of very useful products such as the festival kit, which provides everything you need if you’re off to a festival for the weekend and don’t want to carry around a bong and rolling set you’ll find plenty of the essential hardware here. Of course there are other such interesting items such as a card deck cigarette case, with high quality material and attractive design that are perfect for holding on to your cigarettes. Other useful miscellaneous products include pollen press, humidifying stone and more.   

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Designed to hold up to 10 standard sized cigarettes or roll ups, This metal cigarette case has a cla
This is a high quality alloy dispenser (Also known as a nos cracker, nitrous cracker) 
Fed up of your tobacco drying out in the pouch or in the tin? Not for much longer with the Greengo H
This high quality Pollen Presser will transform your herb and petal residue into solid matter that c
Displaying 1 - 4 of 4 Products

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