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Aromas, or room odorizers as they are sometimes known, are an interesting product. The bottles, when opened, produce an aroma that steadily starts to fill the room, depending on the scent this can produce a number of physical and psychological effects very similar to the use of some drugs. Aromas are often used in bars and night clubs as some, such as the buzz room aroma, encourage more energetic feelings that are useful for getting customers to stay out longer, dance more and of course as a result; drink more. Others are popular as aphrodisiacs and some people say offer performance enhancing effects during sex, not to mention they cover up the usual smells in your room, which may be helpful if you don’t want your guest to smell smoke and dirty socks while they’re visiting.

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Bang room aroma comes in a bright yellow bottle with a big ball of TNT as the logo. As punchy as is
Does exactly what it says on the tin. Hard Core is long lasting and hard hitting. Hard Core is a roo
As rich and as smooth as Liquid Gold, this is the UK's best selling and best known brand. Liquid gol
Our best selling (10ml) aroma, famous around the world for its quality! Much more than just a gold r
Throb Hard Room Aroma will leave you throbbing and ready to burst. Get ready for a sensational exper
Liquid Gold has been top of the Room Aroma sales list for the best part of the last 25 years, now we
Displaying 1 - 6 of 6 Products

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