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From our suppliers around the work we bring you the newest, most innovative, exciting, versitile Head Shop products in the world



Bongs are a good way of smoking most herbal mixtures and even tobacco and can be a very interesting item to have. Headshop World have a particularly broad selection of bongs, with Ceramic; which are generally more interesting and provide some particularly amusing and much more decorative options due to the flexible nature of the material, as well as more standard acrylic bongs, which also come in handy travel sizes. Glass bongs; which are longer lasting and don’t dilute the taste of your hit as much as alternatives. Specialist bongs which are great for trying to get a particular type of hit or sharing hits. Then there are novelty bongs, which provide a bit of amusement at gatherings and make good gifts and of course bong accessories, such as brushes, cleaners, screens and more.

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