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Digital Scales

Although they might not be the first thing that come to mind when you think about herbal highs and smoking, scales can be important. This selection of digital scales is ideal for anyone with an interest in tobacco or any of the popular herbal high products as they provide you with a way of weighing out the amount you are using; recommended for many of the products as different amounts of the products can create different effects, something that is most commonly noted in Kratom; in order to get the effect you want you need to use the correct amount, though this varies from person to person.

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Compact, Lightweight and Modern, the PRH500 combine practicality and value perfectly.  These sc
Compact, Lightweight and Modern, the PRH100 combine practicality and value perfectly.  These sc
The RD350 combines innovative design with sleek and stylish looks. To keep the scale even more compa
RAD have a strong reputation for precision portable weighing scales and the RD50 is one of their mos
Inventive and incredibly modern the RH350 has all the standard features of a weighing scale but in a
RAD are known for delivering scales which are stylish, highly durable and easy to use. The RH50 pack
RAD make some of the most stunning pocket scales on the market and the RJ500 is no exception. The re
Portable, durable and easy to use the RS350 is a classic flip top design scale featuring a very thin
The RS50 is a classic flip top digital weighing scale. Compact enough to slide into the pocket and s
A wicked little design from RAD Mini Scales, the RU50 combines functionality, simplicity and portabi
The RZ100 is a neat flip top pocket scale in a cool jet black colour. As well as being compact and h
The handsome design and simple controls of the RZ350 sets it apart from many other pocket scales on
Displaying 1 - 12 of 12 Products

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