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Snow Blow 1g 3 Pack
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Snow Blow 1g 3 Pack


A herbal legal high alternative to illegal substances. When you need a lift, have a snuff on this. Party all night long. Administer Snow Blow though a snuff bullet or snorter in small doses. Share it around so you and your mates can enjoy being on the same buzzed-up level. Effects last around 30 minutes. Expect a lively, chatty high without any of that anxious, tight feeling that many people associate with illegal equivalents. Snow Blow legal high allows you to extend your evening by increasing your energy and mental clarity, but does not leave you with a bad chemical hangover. Dosage: 1 gram is enough to share between 4 people. Take time between doses. Ingredients: Caffeine, Acoru Calamus, Hydrastis, Canadenis, Tilia Europea, Paulina, Capana, L-taurine, Menthol. Warning: Taking Snow Blow may cause dehydration. Be sure to drink plenty of water. Do not mix Snow Blow legal high with any other medicines or drugs. May cause elevated heart rate and temporary insomnia. Snow Blow legal high is not suitable for people with any medical condition, pregnant women or lactating mothers. AS ALWAYS SALES TO OVER 18`S ONLY....ALWAYS READ & FOLLOW DIRECTIONS

Weight: 4g

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