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Lagoon Shisha
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Lagoon Shisha


The Lagoon is the largest of our new range of Shishas, standing at a collossal 70cm in height. The large extra thick, strenthened glass water chamber guarantees a large smoky payload. Perfect for practical use or for more decorative purposes.

The base is kept simple with a single colour glass, with the shiny metallic  shaft rising up to the bowl, which is generously sized to hold more than enough of your shisha smoking mixture.

Once your smoking mix is loaded, you need to cover the clay bowl with tin foil, or with a specially-made Hookah/ Shisha Charcoal Screen. Place your coal on top of this and light it. As you inhale through your shisha hose, you will draw the heat downwards, releasing the flavour of your shisha herbs.

Spare parts and cleaning accessories are available here.

Weight: 2260g

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